Clementine 0.2 [.deb; .rpm; .tar.gz; .dmg; .exe]

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Clementine nos permite organizar y reproducir nuestra biblioteca de música. Además podremos escuchar radios desde Internet de y SomaFM. Clementine es un port de Amarok 1.4.

En el día de ayer fue liberada la versión 2.0 de Clementine con la siguiente lista de cambios:

  • Album cover art is now automatically loaded from disk for your library
  • Cover manager downloads missing covers from
  • Covers for radio tracks are shown in notifications
  • Much better "Various Artists" detection
  • Menu items to force albums to be shown under "Various Artists"
  • Support for M3U and XSPF playlists
  • Menu items to add files and streams by URL
  • Shuffle and Repeat modes for the playlist
  • Option to hide the system tray icon
  • Option to show notifications when changing volume (disabled by default)
  • Playlist columns for albumartist, composer, file type, date
  • Menu item to automatically number tracks in the playlist
  • More 2D analyzers from Amarok 1.4
  • (Linux) Media keys (play, stop, etc.) should work under Gnome

  • Fixed scrobbling for local music
  • Fixed problems writing UTF-8 tags
  • Searching the library now supports unicode
  • Fixed a serious memory leak when the window is minimized to the tray
  • Fixed tracks without an album field not showing up in the library
  • Clicking the track slider to move it now works properly
  • The track slider should no longer move around underneath you while being
  • Colours should now obey the system colour scheme
  • Searching the library should now be much faster
  • (Windows) Fixed logarithmic volume issues
  • (Linux and Mac) Volume is now saved and restored properly when you exit
  • (Linux and Mac) Library scanner now runs at a low IO priority to make it much less intrusive
  • (Mac) Fix crash when universal access options are enabled

  • Added translations for Spanish, Russian, Greek and Slovak

Buildsystem changes:
  • Moved from qmake to cmake
  • It's now possible to build without libnotify
  • Unit tests using gtest

Clementine esta disponible para los sistemas: GNU/Linux, Windows y Mac OS X. La descarga la podemos realizar de la pagina oficial del proyecto.

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